How to use the PP Forum

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How to use the PP Forum

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:05 am

Welcome to the Positively Pregnant Forum. It's great to have you join us.

This service is offered to give its members the opportunity to share, drop in for a chat and support each other through their experiences and beyond. It is not in place to offer medical advice or opinion or make a diagnosis of ante-natal depression and anxiety. If you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing, please speak to your medical team (e.g. midwife or GP) in the first instance. Members whose actions are considered to be abusive, wreckless or damaging will be removed immediately.

All information on this forum is protected by copyright. You are not entitled to use, amend, copy or distribute any information on this forum without the express permission of Delphi Ellis.

Please enjoy the forum responsibly.

With all best wishes
The Positively Pregnant Forum Team


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